E viva España

Welcome to a Spanish evening at Restaurant El Sabor! The host of the evening, Matador Jose Carlos, welcomes guests to get acquainted with the Spanish culture! The immersive program of the theme night is suitable for everyone.


Evening’s program starts with a quiz. Playful and humorous competition gives participants knowledge and skills about Spanish culture and history. In the finals, teams will be selected from the audience to work on the bullfighting show and the music is winged by the audience encouraging the matadors to perform wildly! The winner will be awarded. After the program, the evening continues casually, socializing at the tapas buffet. Duration of the program approx. 1.5–2 hours depending on the group size + meals.

Extra services

DJ / karaoke starting at 550 €
Bands starting at 700 €
Dance performance starting at 500 €
Props for the guests

Tapas buffet

Green salad
Caesar marinated giant shrimps
Chili champignons
Marinated Calamata olives
Tomatoes filled with basil cream cheese
Bacon and bell pepper quiche
Potato tortilla
Pecorino cheese
Air-dried ham
Chorizo sausage
Chicken chilindròn

Chocolate cake
Orange sauce
Vanilla ice cream

Minimum charge 30 persons. Price includes VAT, room rental, dinner, host’s services, program and prizes for the winner.

53 € / person

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