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The hotel’s sauna and Ruuma cabinet are perfect for spending a pleasant night with your group. Sauna facilities are suitable for even a larger group and the Ruuma cabinet can seat up to 25 people. In addition to sauna refreshments, you can also add evening snacks to your order.

  • Towels
  • Seat covers
  • Shampoo
  • Additional space: Ruuma cabinet

120 € / 1,5 hours, extra hours 50 € / starting hour.

Sauna menus

Hot dog  buffet

Pulled pork barbeque sauce

Pickled kale
Dried onion
Iceberg lettuce, pickle relish

Chili and remoulade sauce

17,50 € / person

Sauna casserole

Green salad
Quinoa and feta salad

Creamy kebab and potato casserole


14,90 € / person

Burger buffet

Mince patties

Iceberg lettuce
Tomato, pickles
Cheddar cheese
Pickled onion

Remoulade sauce

16,00 € / person


Salsa, guacamole
Chips, sour cream dip

Vegetable sticks

Candy mix

11,00 € / person

Brisket at the sauna

Greek salad
Pasta salad

Tender beef brisket in creamy sauce
– mashed potatoes
– roasted root vegetables

19,90 € / person


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