The Spanish restaurant El Sabor takes you on a culinary journey

Tapas, sea food, savoury paella and delicious pudding… Situated on the hotel’s second floor, the spanish restaurant El Sabor seats up to 100 guests and welcomes both hotel guests and diners from the neighbouring area. The restaurant takes you on a culinary journey through Spain and on the à la carte menu you can find big and small ways to satisfy your hunger.

Open: From Monday to Thursday 5:00 PM–9.30 PM, Friday to Saturday 4:00 PM–9.30 PM, Sunday Closed
Hotel breakfast: On weekdays 6:00 AM–9.30 AM and Saturday to Sunday 8:00 AM–10:00 AM
An early breakfast is served in the breakfast room.

 Unforgettable events and parties

Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu is an excellent location for a party close to the nature. At your disposal is the Spanish restaurant El Sabor, exotic Vihiluodon Kota hut, our meeting rooms and the restaurant’s cabinet. All events are planned together with the customer. Contact: tel +358 8 514 5100 or sales[-at-]

El Sabor’s Cabinet

Purje Max. 10 persons 100 € / day, 75 € half-day

Service not included.

Experience the warm atmosphere at Vihiluodon Kota hut

Vihiluodon Kota hut is situated by the hotel and available by prior booking. Have a get-together and enjoy the genuine atmosphere by an open fire. One of our specialities is a Lappish menu with leipäjuusto (Finnish squeaky cheese), cloudberries and campfire coffee. Minimum number of persons: 10. Same menu choice for the whole group, special diets in your order are taken into consideration. Venue rental: 150€ / order. Contact: tel +358 8 514 5100 or sales[-at-]

Come and learn the secrets of cooking by open fire at Vihiluodon Kota!

We organize cooking courses for groups of 15 to 20 people at Kota hut restaurant. During the lesson our professional Kota chef teaches participants to prepare delicious meals from season’s fish by an open fire, by smoking and glow frying.

Lesson starts with an introduction of the meals and ingredients. After that the chores will be divided. The chef will go through each step and share his best tips. The duration of the lesson is 2–3 hours, after which the participants will get to enjoy the meals they’ve prepared. And because good wine is an inseparable part of good food and dining, the participants will have some wine when cooking. The duration of the course is 3–4 hours.

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