Experience the warm atmosphere at Vihiluodon Kota hut

The hotel’s spacious hut, the Lapland-inspired Vihiluodon Kota, offers the opportunity to have get-togethers and enjoy delicious food and an authentic atmosphere by the open fire. The hut can be rented by prior agreement for 10-30 people.

The atmospheric Vihiluodon Kota offers delicacies for every taste

Order a ready-made menu for your group or prepare the food yourself by the open fire. Get to know our different themed Cooking courses and our menu options.


Cooking courses at Vihiluodon kota

Now you can learn to be a master chef in a cooking course. Participants prepare the food themselves from start to finish by the open fire and finally the results of the work are enjoyed. All you need is positive mind and a bold attitude!

Hut menus

One menu (min. of 10 persons) is served for the group, special diets are taken into account. Here are our menu options. Hut rental 150 € / order.

Fisherman’s catch

Smoked reindeer soup with bread cheese cubes

Glow fried salmon
Smoked potatoes
Sour cream sauce
Green salad

Oats and blueberry crumble
Vanilla sauce

54 € / person

Shaman’s prey

Jerusalem artichoke soup with herb oil

Glow fried beef tenderloin
Roasted root vegetables
Dark pepper sauce
Fried potatoes
Green salad

Glow fried bread cheese with cloudberry puree

57 € / person

Shepherd’s pot

Smoked salmon and apple tzatziki

Green salad
Quinoa salad

Roasted lamb in red wine
Garlic potatoes
Caramelized root vegetables

Marinated berries

51 € / person


Contact us or book a delicious cooking course for your group in an atmospheric environment!